Janssons temptation

Janssons frestelse

Janssons temptation
- Janssons frestelse consist of potato casserole with onion, pickled anchovies, bread crumbs and cream. This dish made its initial appearance in Sweden in the first edition of "Stora Kokboken" (the Great Cookbook) in 1940.

How the name of this dish originated is unclear, but there are different theories. For example in "Medéns matlexikon" (1950) Janssons temptation is included and connected with the opera singer Pelle Janzon (1844-1889). The story was that he once invited some good friends to his house. But when they got there he discovered that the only things he had at home were potatoes, anchovies, onions and a dash of cream.

Gunnar Stigmark, on the other hand, argues in an article article, published in "Gastronomisk kalender", that the name comes from a movie with Edvin Adolphson, "Janssons frestelse" (1929). According to Stigmark the dish got its name from Edvins mother and her hired party cook when they prepared a party for a handful of women from Stockholms high society. They felt that Janssons temptation sounded a bit more smart than simply an anchovy gratin. The hired party cook then quickly spread the name among her other clients.

Today Janssons temptation is frequently eaten at various holidays. For me this dish is a pivotal and favourite part of my Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve!

Janssons temptation
This is my Christmas plate of food. As you can see I have some Janssons temptation on it. :-) Actually I personally don't eat Janssons temptation at any other part of the year, not at all a conscious decision though.

Recipe Janssons temptation

Recipe Janssons temptation

4 servings

1 tinned anchovies (125 gr)
2 onions
8 potatoes
3 dl cream
anchovy juice (from the tinned anchovy)
0.5 dl bread crumbs
2 tbs butter

1. Peel onions and cut into thin slices. Peel and cut potatoes into fine shreds.

2. Layer the potatoes, onions and anchovies in a well-greased tin. The top layer should be potatoes.

3. Pour in cream and some anchovy juice. Sprinkle with breadcrumbs and add butter.

4. Bake in oven until potatoes become soft and have a light brown color.

Oven temperature: 225 °C. Baking time: 45-60 minutes.

To make it more healthy you can substitute cream to milk.

Enjoy! :p


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