Just Climbing A Tree In A Forest
September 13, 2012 7:04 PM


Though I love traveling, it is also very nice to be back home here in Sweden and enjoy every day life with my doggy Lisen again. And because it was a while since I took a proper photographic walk with Lisen in the forest, I decided to do just that today. So earlier this morning I grabbed my camera, Lisen and off to our favourite forest in Rödeby we went.

Strolling In The Forest
Strolling in the forest earlier today.

And while Lisen and I were strolling around in the forest, I got a strong urge to take some photos of this lovely lake we frequently pass in there. However, it has never been very easy to get good shots of this particular lake due to the fact that there are a lot of trees in the way (of course...). It is also very hard to walk down to the lake, or even get close to it, because the terrain is quite rough. I have tried before, and it has not been fun... But today I felt like giving it another go, taking photos of the lake that is. So when I saw a tree sticking up on a little hill overlooking the lake, I thought - YES!

Just Climbing A Tree In A Forest
The little tree overlooking the lake.

Though it was a while since I climbed a tree, I did think that this one looked quite easy to climb up on. And it was not that hard to climb up to the top of the little tree, but once I had reached the top I realized that it was not that easy to hang on to the tree while trying to take good, steady photos with my camera at the same time. Hm... Nevertheless, I did manage to get a few OK shots while I was hanging up there.

Just Climbing A Tree In A Forest
Like this one. A photo of the lake taken from the tree I climbed.

Just Climbing A Tree In A Forest
And this one. Though there were still trees blocking the view of the lake...

Now the little tree I climbed up on to take the photos had of course small, frail branches on it. Many of which, unfortunately, broke while I was climbing on them. This meant that the only way for me to come down from the little tree was to slide down it - ouch!!!

Just Climbing A Tree In A Forest
Not many branches left to climb down on, especially on the left side.

Therefore I now have quite a few scratches and bruises on my legs and stomach from my little tree climbing adventure earlier today. But it was fun, I have to say. I also had a lot of laughs out there in the forest, thinking I must look quite funny up there on the little tree waving around with my camera while holding on to the tree for dear life. And I can only imagine what Lisen must have been thinking while I was up there... Lol!

Just Climbing A Tree In A Forest
Me having fun in the tree. ;p Lisen, behind me, not looking very impressed. Lol!

Just Climbing A Tree In A Forest
And of course Lisen came over to the tree to give me one of her intense looks while I was up there. Hehe.

Anyway, in the end I had a very fun and rejuvenating morning. As well as a morning which really made me appreciate how nice it is to be back home again, walking my doggy, photographing and, ehum - climbing trees. Lol! ;p But really, to simply embrace life's every day opportunities is one of my favourite things to do. And it is something I truly can do every day, everywhere. It just happened to be in the form of a climbing (and sort of tightly hugging) a tree for me today. :-)

By the way, the photos above makes it look like it was easy peasy to climb this little tree - which it was not. So, below are two "behind the scenes" photos too. Hehe. ;-)

Just Climbing A Tree In A Forest
Now this is a more realistic photo of how it was up there in the tree, me frantically trying not to slide down it before I had managed to take some steady photos of the lake.

Just Climbing A Tree In A Forest
And it was not all that easy to get the little lady behind me to cooperate when I wanted her to either.

Lol! Now THAT is the real story of me, just climbing a tree in a forest. ;p

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