Kroppkakor, easiest described as potato dumplings with pork, is a local dish. It is made and eaten mainly in southern Sweden along the coast of Småland, Öland, Blekinge and Gotland. Its main ingredients are pressed boiled potatoes mixed with flour and egg which you form into a ball.

This ball is filled with fried pork and onions in the middle, seasoned with salt and crushed allspice.

Grey kroppkakaWhite kroppkaka
There are two main versions of this dish, grey (left pic) and white (right pic) Kroppkaka. The ones you see on the pics are made locally here in Blekinge. Usually the grey one is boiled in water and eaten with melted butter and lingonberry jam. Whereas the white one is fried in a frying pan and eaten with a white sauce and lingonberry jam. In Gotland it's traditionally served with a bechamel sauce with extra filling.

Kroppkakor in frying pan
Above I'm frying some white Kroppkakor. I prefer to cut them in half when frying because it makes it easier to get them completely cooked through.

In the 1700s Kroppkakan was seen as a typical Öland dish, but at that time the recipe was slightly different. The dough was made of barley flour and wheat. From it cakes were made and filled with mutton, pork or goose meat and then boiled. It was in the mid-1800s that potatoes started to replace barley flour. The filling could vary with availability, eel and herring were not uncommon, and the poor sometimes made Kroppkakor without filling - so-called "blinningar".

Every year Kroppkakans Day is celebrated in Borgholm, Öland. On this day contests are arranged to see who can eat the most Kroppkakor. From the "Guinness Book of Records" (1976) you can read that the Swedish champion in 1976, Ove Nilsson, ate 17 Kroppkakor in 8 minutes. Which is a lot! I usually manage to eat 2,5 - 3 of them.

Kroppkakor white sauceKroppkakor melted butter
My favourite ones to eat are the white ones. Fried in a frying pan and served with a simple white sauce or melted butter and lingonberry jam. Deeelish!

Now I have never made Kroppkakor from scratch, it just seems to complicated...Therefore I have no personal recipe to share. But if you go to this link -->Swedish kroppkakor you'll find a typical recipe of Kroppkakor.


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