Maybe Turkey?
September 16, 2011 12:29 PM


Now as the weather is getting colder here in Sweden my mind starts to wander to warmer places. Although those thoughts do not generate any actual heat so I was thinking of different travel destinations that are warm when it is cold in Sweden. Like Spain, Egypt or South Africa, all places I have been to. But I have not been on any Turkey holidys yet so perhaps that would be an option?

A nice idea, for a bit further ahead in time perhaps. Because right now I am pretty busy with blogging, work and the rest. However I do have travel plans for this winter booked. Travel plans I will write about more when my departure date approaches. Until then though I will remain in this Swedish climate. Which is really not that bad, in fact very nice I must say. Because the air always feels extra fresh and clean this time of year. And the sun is warm, but not too hot, perfect for long walks with my dog Lisen. Therefore I know I will be just fine here in (sometimes rainy) Sweden until my next trip. :-)

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