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Forest + Lisen = Dirty dog
August 15, 2010 19:25

Today we all went to the forest for a walk, me, Lisen, Diva and my sister. Lisen behaved quite well the first half, didn’t jump in any disgusting puddles, but then I heard a “splash”, and that was that. Not only are all the puddles right now brown and filthy, they stink! And once she has gotten in one, there is no point in trying to stop her from going in another one, and another one, and another one…

Diva loves to look up different puddles in the forest and then she gets Lisen and shows her them, and in they go together. However, Lisen is her mother and she is the one who has taught Diva everything, so I’m sure Diva is just following Lisens order.

The thing with Lisens fur is that it is very resistant, she can withstand the cold pretty well but when her fur gets wet, it really gets wet! And it takes hours for it to dry. Divas fur is a lot easier to manage and she dries up pretty quickly. Of course its just not water in those puddles, there's dirt. Dirt that gets tangled up in Lisens thick fur, and guess who has to wash and scrub that fur...

Oh well...It's worth a bit of a hassle later on. I mean, it makes me truly happy to see Lisen and Diva enjoying their freedom and just being dogs. Something every dog should have the right to do!

Some pics from today.

If you want to get to know Lisen better and see more pics from her life, check out her own blog at


Everyone should have some!
August 6, 2010 17:04

This year I got a little appreciation gift from work to enjoy during my vacation, one free ice cream of my own choice. Naturally I chose the biggest ice cream of them all, hehe!

And of course I had to share it with my lovely dog Lisen, and my sister as well. I find that if you share your gifts it makes it more fun :-)


Old surroundings
August 4, 2010 20:24

So I live in an apartment building with 16 apartments and where the average age is around 60-80 years old. I am by far the youngest person in the building... Right outside my windows is a several hundred years old nature reserve filled with grand oak-trees and animals. Sounds nice right? Well many of my friends and family tease me about this and think I should move someplace where there is more "action". Hm…not me though, I love it here!

I love my apartment, I love my neighbours and I love the nature and calmness that comes with it. Now of course, I don't plan to stay here forever, haha. But the next time I move, it will be to a big stone house :-)

Left: View from my window. Right: This is how it looks up the road.

Left: There are a lot of lurking paths up there. Right: Lisen and I bumped into this very cocky cat today. It would not budge and I had to take a big detour around it with a struggling, half choking, hanging in the leash Lisen. And once we finally passed the cat, they just wanted to stare at each other...



Drunk driver and candy dream
July 31, 2010 23:16

It's Saturday, people drink and party, but not me. Not this Saturday, this evening I am the designated driver. Which is fine by me, I have had my share of "not being the designated driver", hehe.

Moving on to another topic, my weird dream I had last night. Or maybe not weird but kind of annoying. All through my dream, even if I did different things at different locations, I kept eating candy, and buying candy and eating some more candy. All night! I figured I must have a craving for candy, so I bought some today, haha. Have not eaten that much actually, but some.

Left pic: Here I am with Lisen, acting responsible tonight. And as you can see I still have not gotten that darn dog grid issue resolved. The owner of the pet shop have not called yet, I've waited over a week since she said she would call the makers and get back to me...Not very professional! By the way, the pet shop I bought it from is called Hundbiten...Anyway, on the other pic is of course my yummy candy :-)



Labour day
July 30, 2010 20:12

Today I have been a busy bee, hehe. Went to mums to help her with some carpentry, OK I'll be honest, I didn't really do that much carpentry. But I hammered a few nails and sawed some wooden planks :-) always something. It's not really my forté, the nails just bend all the time and my sawing isn't the most even, but at least I tried to help :-)

Some pics from today.

Here is Diva hiding in the bushes. And to the right some delicious Persian food, yum!



July 27, 2010 19:06

Today, when Lisen and I were on our walk, a loose dog came up to us. Probably a runaway? This dog, a Doberman I think, came running from the forest, across the road to us. He stopped and wanted to say hi to Lisen, but she didn’t want to. Then he took off up into the forest on the side of the road we were on.  I just stood there, didn’t know what to do? Felt a bit helpless.

I walked over to a house nearby and asked if they knew anyone who had a dog like that, but they didn’t. Then I thought maybe we should try and find him in the forest, or backtrack where he came from. But he could have come from anywhere, plus Lisen was so tired. I had dragged her on a walk in the sun, didn’t think it would be as hot outside as it was, and she just laid down every chance she got. So we went home…

I took this pic yesterday, but this is the exact road were we encountered the dog today. He came up to us from the other side of the road, at the streetsign behind me, and ran off into the forest to my right. I really hope he is OK!

A few hours later I went into town to meet up with my sister and mum at the hairdressers. My sister got her hair done and it took a total of FOUR hours! We were all pretty hungry after that, so we went and had some dinner at Åhléns. Not the best food I have eaten…No disaster, just not very appealing or tasty flavours on the plate.

From left.
1. Me waiting at the hairdressers
2. The food I ate at Åhléns.

Now I think I will have me some chocolate, feel like I need some quick, sweet energy in my system.



I have entered this pic in a competition.
July 14, 2010 16:15

It's of my dog, Lisen, and one of her puppies right before the puppy moved to another family. I just love this picture, the eyes speak a thousand words...

The winner receives dogfood worth 7500kr, I'm sure Lisen would love that (and me too of course :-)

/ A.L


No water? Wuah!
July 5, 2010

Ok, so unfortunately I have not been able to add anything today to the site (except this) because for some reason the day has just flown away...

I took a 20 min walk with Lisen (my dog) up in the small forest next to my building, in the morning. Got attacted by a whole lot of disgusting flies, gross! But it's so hot that at least in the forest there are trees to give a bit of shade. It was just us up there (we usually run in to other dogs + owners) and I was a bit confused as to why, but probably because of all the insects!

I am watching my mothers house now for a few days. When I got here and was going to pour Lisen some water, no water came...Apparently there was a waterleak somewhere and for about 3 hours there was no water here.

I took the car to the store to buy some, for my dog as well...and of course after my little shoppingtrip I realized I could just as easily had gone home to me and fetched some water...oh well, the water is back now. I quickly filled up two bottles, just in case it were to happen again.

You definetly realize how handicapped you get without a constant access to water, the same goes for electricity.

Anyway, I have picked some strawberrys from my mums garden and I'm going to spray some whipped cream on them and enjoy :-)

No water...


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