One Fish Pedicure Please
September 20, 2012 4:13 PM


Sounds weird, huh!? I could not believe my eyes when I saw it for the first time, which actually was on my recent trip to Rhodes in Greece. Where it turns out that fish pedicure is quite popular. But I have since then learned that we also have fish pedicure places in Sweden, so perhaps it is just I who am not up to speed on the latest pedicure trends. Hm...

Anyway, in case I am not the only one who have not heard of this? I thought I would share a bit about what Fish Pedicure actually is. The photos below are from Kiotari in Rhodes.

One Fish Pedicure Please
So fish pedicure is when you put your feet in a sort of aquarium and let the fish in there eat all the dead skin off your feet. The fish specie that feast on your feet is called Garra Rufa, also known as Doctor Fish. This species of fish feed on eating dead cells from other fish - and humans. Actually, the little ones are even used against skin conditions such as psoriasis.

One Fish Pedicure Please
Around 100 fish are used for a pedicure treatment. And because these fish have no teeth, they cannot bite you.

One Fish Pedicure Please
In fact, apparently it feels like getting kissed when they work their magic.

Hm... still not sure I would ever try this? Lol! But is certainly sounds fascinating though, and natural. And I guess one never should say never... right? :o


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