Sights seen in Stockholm, Sweden
September 7, 2011 6:33 PM

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After my lovely cruise I spent a few days in Stockholm, Sweden, visiting with relatives. And because I have relatives in Stockholm I have been there many times in my life. I remember when I was younger I used to perceive Stockholm as "the big city where I could get lost". Also when I was a child we did not have McDonald's in Karlskrona so I used to think that it was the coolest thing to go to Stockholm just because they had McDonald's there. Of course it was even cooler to actually eat at McDonald's! But nowadays I know my way Stockholm a lot better and we have 2 McDonald's in Karlskrona. :-)

Below are some of my photos of sights seen in Stockholm.

Riddarholmen Church
The white building to the right is the Central Station in Stockholm. The big church top in the middle of the photo is Riddarholmen Church. Which is the only remaining medieval monastery church in Stockholm. It was built in the late 1200s and is the final resting place for all of Swedens Kings and rulers since 1632, except Queen Christina. It also the burial place for some Kings from the middle ages.

Sergels Square in Stockholm
Sergels Square in Stockholm, also known in Swedish as Plattan - The Slab is the first square I think of when I think of squares in Stockholm. However, even though the Culture House is to the left and there are a lot of shops near the square. Sergels Square is mainly known (at least among locals) for being a hangout for junkies. It is also popular place to hold demonstrations of various kinds.

Drottninggatan in Stockholm. Queen Street.
The main avenue in Stockholm is Drottninggatan - Queen Street where a lot of shops, pubs and restaurants are located.

Drottninggatan in Stockholm. Queen Street.
My favourite Queen Street sights though are the quotes by Swedish author August Strindberg which have been forged in stainless steel in the middle of Queen Street 67-85.

Queen Street quotes.Queen Street lions.
My favourite Strindberg quote (left photo) translates to: "To love is to give, give!". And something I noticed this time while I was walking along Queen Street were the lions in the right photo. I thought, surely they must have some historic meaning - so I looked it up. Turns out they are just stylish obstacles which were put up in 1995 to stop cars from driving through this street. Lol!

Fountain in Stockholm
On my way to Old Town in Stockholm I became mesmerized by this fountain!

Fountain in Stockholm
So I stayed a while and played with my camera, hehe.

Fountain in Stockholm
The building which the fountain is placed in front of is named Norra Latin - Northern Latin. And originally in 1880-1982 this building was used as a school for boys. Today it is a conference center.

Old Town in Stockholm Old Town in Stockholm
Finally I arrived in Old Town in Stockholm. Which is where Stockholm was founded in 1252. It is also one of the largest and best preserved medieval city centers in Europe. And I just love to walk around here and imagine how it must have been to live in Stockholm during the medieval times.

Old Town Main Square in Stockholm
Main Square - Stortorget in Old Town is indeed a popular tourist attraction. Which I suspect is not just because of the pretty buildings. Actually Old Town is said to be quite the ghost town. In fact many tourist guides offer so called "Ghost Walks" around Old Town in the evenings. During these walks guides share stories about legends, diseases, murders and ghosts which are all a part of Old Towns past.

Old Town Main Square in Stockholm
For instance, the red building behind the water pump has exactly 92 white stones on it, although the stones look more grey today. Anyway, each stone represent the 92 members of the Swedish nobility who were decapitated and hanged between November 7-10 in 1520 by Danish King Christian II. An incident also known as the Stockholm Bloodbath or Stockholm Massacre. And the tale is that when the nights between November 7-10 are really harsh and humid you can see the blood of those who were murdered flow through the gutters of Main Square. It is also said that if ever one of those white stones is removed, the person who represent that stone will become a ghost destined to wander the city streets forever.

By the way, the lovely water pump in the photo was for many years the zero point in Sweden. Meaning that it was the point from which all distances to national roads to and from Stockholm were measured.

The Royal Palace in Stockholm
The Royal Palace in Stockholm is also located in Old Town.

The Royal Palace in Stockholm
The Royal Palace in Stockholm has about 600 rooms and is one of the largest castles in Europe.

The Royal Palace in Stockholm Guard
The Royal Palace is heavily guarded!

The Royal Palace in Stockholm Guard
So do not try any funny business.

The Royal Palace in Stockholm Guard
They will catch you...eventually. Nah, this guard was not sleeping. Just checking her gun. Bad me. ;-)

The Royal Palace in Stockholm
The Royal Palace seen from another angle. To the left of the Royal Palace is Storkyrkan - The Great Church, although its official name is Sankt Nicolai Kyrka - Saint Nicholas Church. It is the oldest building still in use in Sweden. The first part of the church can be traced back to 1306. The current King and Queen of Sweden were married there in 1976 and last year the Crown Princess of Sweden were married there as well.

The Royal Palace in Stockholm View
View of Stockholm from the hill in previous photo.

I had fun taking these photos, although I have tons more. Lol! But this will end my series of Cruise and Travel posts for this time. However I do have other journeys planned so lots more of the travel kind posts to come in the future. Until then it is back to Sweden, Doggies and My Life. :-)



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