Sizzling Swedish Pancakes - Yum!
January 28, 2012 1:10 AM

I actually rarely eat Swedish pancakes, even though I do love them! I think it is because it takes some time to prepare them. But yesterday I had such a craving for some Swedish pancakes that it beat the time it takes to prepare them, so I made a batch. And they turned out great!

Now a lot of people put jam or something sweet on their pancakes, I love to put cheese on mine. Hard cheese or soft shrimp cheese. Although I also love to put strawberry or raspberry jam on there as well, not at the same time though. Mostly I mix it up a bit, a few pancakes with cheese and a few with jam of some sort. And because the pancakes looked so tempting yesterday, I simply could not resist to take some photos of them. :p

Sizzling Swedish Pancakes
Sizzle, sizzle.

Sizzling Swedish Pancakes
Then flip it over.

Sizzling Swedish Pancakes
And if a pancake should happen to fall on the floor - well, that is what this little lady is for. :p

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