Easter Eve

Swedish name: Påskafton
Date: First Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox occur.
Easter Eve is a day when we gather with our families to eat either Easter buffet or lamb steak dinner. In our family we nowadays mainly eat lamb steak on Easter Eve. The Easter buffet reminds us too much of our Swedish julbord (Christmas buffet) and after Christmas we are all pretty tired of stuffing ourselves with food...

Eggs are also a big part of our Swedish tradition during Easter and Easter Eve. We paint them, eat them and hide them. The hidden eggs are usually plastic eggs filled with candy, mainly for kids. Grown ups usually give each other plastic eggs with some sort of gift in it instead of candy (we do in my family anyway, hehe).

Easter Eve eggs
I loved to paint eggs when I was a childEggs I had on Easter EveOur Easter Eve lamb steak dinner
Some of the food and candy from my latest Easter Eve celebration. And in the bottom left photo is me painting eggs during Easter when I was a child.

Originally Easter was celebrated in remembrance of Christ's resurrection. Although Easter has its roots in the Jewish Passover festival commemorating the Israelites' exodus from Egypt. Easter is the oldest and largest Christian festival.

The tradition of having Easter bunnies in Easter cards and Easter decorations came from Germany in the late 1800s. It was also during this period it was said in some families that it was the Easter bunny, not Easter rooster, who hid Easter eggs.

But why do we eat so much eggs during Easter in Sweden? Well when Sweden was a Catholic country eggs were forbidden food during Lent. So after Lent there were suddenly a lot of eggs because the hens had started to lay again after winter time.

Source: Historiesajten.se

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