Swedish Gratitude Giveaway
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September 20, 2011 8:09 PM


It is that time again! Swedish Giveaway time! Although this one is a rather spontaneous Giveaway I must say. Because recently when I was at the local store here in Lyckeby in Sweden I just happen to stumble across this beautiful Carl Larsson calendar for 2012.

Swedish Giveaway Carl Larsson Calander
And I thought it would be a prefect Giveaway prize! Which is why I am now having this Giveaway! :p

But who is Carl Larsson you might wonder? Well, Carl Larsson is a well known Swedish artist who was born in 1853 in Old Town in Stockholm. He is famous for his paintings of Swedish family life in the late 1800s. More specifically, paintings of his family life at his home in Lilla Hyttnäs in Sweden. So of course the photos of his paintings in this calendar are of Sweden, family and life in the 1800s. And what really makes this such a great prize is that the calendar is in Swedish/English/German!

Even though this Swedish Giveaway is a bit more simple than the ones I have had before. I will still announce the winner in a live Giveaway Drawing via my Ustream Channel. The drawing will be held on September 28, I will be back with the exact time later.

Now on to HOW you can win this calendar. I call this Giveaway a Swedish Gratitude Giveaway because I truly believe it is important to feel gratitude as often as possible in life. I say "feel" because I think gratitude comes from the heart and not from the mind. So the task is to simply answer the following question in the comment section. (One comment per person.)

What are you grateful for?

My answer: The simple things is life really, like the fact that I am alive. But also that I have a wonderful dog by my side. Not only because she is cute, hehe, but because if I did not have her I would probably not be out in nature as much. Something I always find very refreshing and energizing.

I am also deeply grateful to everyone who ever visit/follow/like this blog. And for all comments, email and feedback I receive. I have said this many times before but I do truly mean it and feel very grateful for every second anyone spends here. So Thank You for reading this!

By the way, the answer by the person who wins this Giveaway will be published in my Winner Announcement post. A link to the blog/website of the winner will also be included, if he/she has one.

Good Luck Everyone! :-)

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