Swedish twist on a Turkish dish?
September 18, 2011 4:18 PM


Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls, known as Kåldolmar in Swedish, is a popular dish in Swedish households. I grew up eating them both at home and in school. And I actually thought it was an original Swedish dish but it turns out it is more like a Swedish twist on a classic Turkish dish. The difference being that in Sweden we stuff cabbage, instead of vine leaves, with mince and serve the rolls with brown sauce, potatoes and lingon berry jam, instead of yogurt or salad. However, it is not absolutely certain that this dish originates from Turkey either.

But the most common story in Sweden of how Stuffed Cabbage Rolls found its way here is the one where King Charles XII of Sweden brought them over from Bender. It is said that when King Charles XII in the early 1700s stayed in Bender, after the battle of Poltava and war against Russia. Either the king, or one of his soldiers, tasted Stuffed Cabbage Rolls for the first time. The recipe was then brought to Sweden. In fact this story is so deeply rooted in Sweden that every year on November 30th, the date King Charles XII died, Stuffed Cabbage Day is celebrated in Stockholm.

However, according to another theory this dish was brought to Sweden by people sent to Stockholm from the Ottoman Empire to ensure that Swedish loans were repaid. But no one really knows for sure. What is known though is that the very first written recipe for Stuffed Cabbage Rolls in Sweden can be found in Cajsa Wargs 1765 edition of her Swedish cookbook "Hjelpreda I Hushållningen För Unga Fruentimber" - "Assistant in Housekeeping for Young Women".

Now I have never actually made Stuffed Cabbage Rolls from scratch, I think it is a bit too time consuming. I simply buy frozen pre-made Stuffed Cabbage Rolls and then finish cooking them. By doing this I do not have to boil cabbage leaves and stuff them with mince, boiled rice, fried onions, salt and white pepper. The time consuming part...But what I do do is to fry the Stuffed Cabbage Rolls in a frying pan on relatively high heat to get some color on them. Pour syrup over them and add meat stock. After that they just need to simmer under a lid for about 45 minutes before they are done. And I always use the remaining simmering liquid to make the brown sauce with.

Swedish Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
I of course then eat them in the "Swedish Twist" way. With boiled potatoes, brown sauce and lingon berry jam. Very tasty and a perfect dish to eat this chilly time of year in Sweden. :p

Source: faktoider.nu

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