Waffle Day

Swedish name: Våffeldagen      Date: March
Waffle Day share day with Marie bebådelsedag (Annunciation Day) in the Swedish calendar. But most attention is given to the celebration of Waffle Day on this day. And of course on Waffle Day we eat waffles all over Sweden. In school, at work, at home and everywhere else!

Waffle Day waffle ironWaffle Day in Sweden
My favourite way to eat waffles is thin, crisp and freshly made from the waffle iron.

Waffle Day waffles with cream and jam
They should also be served with strawberry jam and whipped cream. Yuuummy!!!

Marie bebådelsedag was also known as Vårfrudagen. The fact that this day now is called Våffeldagen is said to be caused by a hearing mistake. In Swedish the word Vårfru can easily be mistaken for the word våffla (waffle). And because these words sound almost the same, with time Vårfrudagen slowly changed into Våffeldagen.

In Christian countries this day has been celebrated since the 600s and until 1953 Marie bebådelsedag was a public holiday in the Swedish calendar.

Source: NordiskaMuseet.se

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