Swedish hash - Pytt i panna

Swedish hash

Swedish hash - Pytt i panna is a dish which is regarded as a typical part of Swedish home cooking. A traditional Pytt i panna consist of three main ingredients: diced potatoes, caramelized onions and diced beef. It is traditionally served with raw egg yolk/fried egg and pickled beets. Many times Pytt i panna simply consist of leftovers from previous meals.

But why is this dish called Pytt i panna then? Well, some argue that the word "pytt" means "little things" and therefore Pytt i panna means "little things in a pan". (The words i and panna translates to in and pan in English.) Others believe that it was originally called "puttipanna", where putt translates to put in English. And that the dish got its name from the fact that you simply "put things in a pan" and fry them.

I think that you can pretty much dice and fry up anything in a pan and serve it with fried eggs and pickled beets. It might not be a traditional Pytt i panna, but it is a Pytt i panna in my world. And one of my familys traditions is to dice and fry up leftovers from Christmas Eve on Christmas Day and eat it as a Pytt i panna with fried eggs and pickled beets. It's a perfect way to recycle Christmas food.

Recipe Swedish hash - Pytt i panna

Swedish hash with eggs and pickled beets

This is how I like to eat/make it.

1. Cut two potatoes into squares, boil for 10 minutes.

2. Cut beef/sausage and onions into squares, put in frying pan and fry.

3. When the beef/sausage and onions are almost ready, throw in the boiled potatoes and stir. Season with black pepper, salt and herbs like thyme and/or oregano.

4. When everything is ready, move over to a plate. Quickly fry two eggs in the same frying pan and make sure the egg yolk is loose when served.

5. Serve with pickled beets or a salad.

Enjoy! :p


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