Swedish pancakes

Swedish pancake

- Pannkakor is a dish which can be traced as far back as to the middle ages. In Europe it is mentioned in written form for the first time in the early 1400s. Today there are many variations of pancakes throughout Europe and the shape and structure of a pancake vary throughout the world.

Swedish pancakes have probably existed in Sweden since ancient times. Swedish pancakes is first mentioned in Swedish in a publication of Olaus Petri 1538. What kind of pancake he wrote about is however unknown.

It was not as easy to make pancakes in the olden days as it is today. Because before the stove existed you had to use a frying pan on three legs. It was placed above a fire and filled with a batter consisting of eggs, flour, milk, sugar and salt. This method of frying pancakes meant that there was a big risk of burning ones fingers. But when the wood stove arrived, it quickly became possible to use frying pans to cook with on them. Risk of burning ones fingers while frying pancakes decreased and this dish became very popular.

In Sweden today Swedish pancakes are traditionally eaten as a dessert after pea soup on Thursdays. We usually eat our Swedish pancakes with jam, ice cream and/or whipped cream, other common toppings are fresh berries and powdered sugar.

Swedish pancakes with jam and whipped cream
Swedish pancakes are thin and still consist of the original ingredients of milk, egg, flour, sugar and salt. We actually use this recipe for another popular Swedish dish, plättar. The only difference between plättar and Swedish pancakes are their size.

Plättlagg - iron for small pancakes
And the fact that you need a special frying pan to make plättar, called plättlagg - iron for small pancakes.

I love Swedish pancakes! And I choose what to have as topping depending on what I crave for at that moment. Which usually is strawberry jam. But another, a bit different, topping I often have on my Swedish pancakes is räkost - soft shrimp cheese.

Recipe Swedish pancakes

This is my 1+1+2 basic Swedish pancake recipe.

1 egg
1 dl flour
2 dl milk
melted butter

1. Mix egg and milk.

2. Pour flour in little at a time and whisk.

3. Add a pinch of salt and three pinches of sugar plus some melted butter and mix.

4. Fry away!

If you want to make more pancakes you just continue with the 1+1+2 formula. Like 2+2+4 and so on. My sister told me she always adds an extra egg to her Swedish pancake recipe, which make her Swedish pancakes even more yummy.

Serve with for example strawberry jam, whipped cream or ice cream.



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Swedish Food Sizzling Swedish Pancakes
Swedish food Sizzling Swedish Pancakes
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