Turn Back Time
October 30, 2011 4:53 PM


Up until 1879 each city in Sweden had its own local time. But as the use of the railway became more and more popular in Sweden, the use of time also became more important. And it was difficult for train companies to write and keep an accurate time table due to all the different time zones. Which was why the Swedish Standard Time was introduced on January 1st in 1879. Actually Sweden was the first country in the world that legislated the introduction of Standard Time.

And in 1895 the first attempt was made to also introduce Summer Time in Sweden. The reason for this suggestion was that it would help to better utilize the light part of day during summer in Sweden. But it was not until 1980 we officially started to use this time zone as well. So now every year at the end of March we turn our clocks forward one hour. We stay in this time zone until the end of October, when we turn our clocks back to Standard Time.

Turn Back Time
What time is it? (Lyckeby, Sweden.)

Now I have always found this change of clocks a bit confusing. In fact I would prefer that we always go by Standard Time in Sweden. Mainly because I feel more tired during Summer Time and I feel like the days go by much faster then. So I was indeed very happy that we finally got to turn our clocks back one hour this night/morning. In fact, I feel more rested already. Yay! :-)

Source: wikipedia.org

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